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Welcome to DangKids, makers of positive parenting tools for happier families. We know being a kid is tough. Being a parent is even tougher. We also know that every child is unique and what works with one child may not work with or be right for another. Every parent is also different, with their own ideas and insights on parenting. We are here to help bridge the gaps and make it easier for everyone in the family by providing positive parenting tools to make disciplining easier without anger, make rewarding the good behavior more common, and provide the consistency needed in any parenting whether it is in a two-parent family, single-parent family, step-family, or blended families. Our tools can also be used between couples. Whatever your situation, we can help!

The key to proper discipline and well-behaved children AND parents is consistency. In this busy rushing world today that is no small feat. With both parents working and lots of after school activities keeping everyone on the move, there is not as much time as there used to be for dealing with issues as they arise and doing so consistently. It is not just discipline that suffers. The A on the report card, good manners with company, helping without being asked, etc. are also slipping by us without being recognized and positively reinforced. One does not work without the other. Discipline and rewards go together to alter behavior and achieve desired results. Rewards can also provide the kind of fond family memories that last a lifetime and offer additional life lessons. Our tools make it easy to parent consistently while also saving time. They promote both sides, discipline and rewards for good behavior. They alter both parent and child behavior thus creating a team effort to make a happy home or homes when used with divorced parents.

Please come take a look at our positive parenting tools page to begin a new parenting life or help someone you know start theirs.